Strategic Implementations

Create. Analyze. Optimize.
Quality Lead Generation.

Pay Per Click Campaigns gives Business a set of channels for their business to grow. As delivering best results, we create social ads with compelling visual and written content to maximize reach and conversions.

Qualified Organic Search Traffic

Search Engine Marketing Gives Results.

Want to improve your website traffic, sales, leads and visibility? We are all-inclusive PPC agency. Our Google Certified Professionals are well versed in meeting your business goals, knowing your target audience with creating the perfect personas, and creating sharable and engaging content, and finally improving your online presence with social media ads.
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    GOOGLE ADWORDS – the most effective result oriented online advertising!

    Reach the right people at the right time Show your ads across Google Search Ads, Display Ads, Maps, YouTube Video Ads, Pay Per Click is our heart and soul. We are certified Google Adwords partners of our clients to provide best proven quality results.

    • Pay per click
    • Google AdWords certified specialist advice
    • Professional selection of key phrases
    • Manage the advertising campaign budget
    • Reach the target audience
    • Regular reporting on the advertising campaign

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    Bing Management

    Bing Ads the must to connect with millions of potential customers searching for your business.

    The fact is Google is the pioneer in the search engine market, Bing Ads—which gives pay per click advertising services on the Bing search engine—still records for a huge share of the market. So if your organization is just advertising on Google, at that point you are passing up generally 17% of the search engine market on Bing! Let’s Start!

    167 Million

    Unique Searches

    62 Million

    Searches Not Reached on Google

    5,5 Billion

    Monthly Searches


    Searches Share in US Market

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    Facebook Ads & Retargeting

    We characterize your optimal target audience build up an ideal Facebook Advertising campaign to give results! Facebook Advertising gives you exact campaigns requirements and spending plan or budget, regardless of whether it's utilizing Social Ads, Home Page Ads or Sponsored Stories. Our Facebook campaigns maintain quality in leads and page traffic.

    • Audience Identification
    • FB Pages for Business
    • FB Ad Campaign
    • Creative Design
    • Statistical Monitoring
    • ROI Reporting
    167 Million

    Unique Searches

    1,7 Billion

    People Use Facebook

    870 Million

    Daily Active Users

    600 Million

    Mobile Users

    2 Million

    Business Pay for Ads

    20 Minute

    Avarage Time Spent

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    Youtube Ads

    Fabulous Media can help your organization, increase your brand awareness and build the relationships that will fill the top of your sales funnel. In promotional video clips can be displayed before the video content, within the video content or next to it. Video advertising is only paid, if the visitor watches the entire video ad (or 30 seconds of it, if the advertisement is longer).

    In-Stream Advertising

    Allows your brand’s promotional video to appear immediately before a video that a potential customer is about to watch on YouTube.

    In-Display Advertising

    Allows your brand’s promotional video to appear alongside videos on the YouTube search results page or in the ‘related videos’ section.

    • Reaches 75% of the Internet users
    • Allows you to reach a larger number of users
    • Allows you to determine the number of users that viewed video advertisements
    • Pay only for the view of the whole video ad (or 30 seconds of it, if the advertisement is longer)
    • Pay only for the view of the whole video ad (or 30 seconds of it, if the advertisement is longer)
    1 Billion

    Unique Users

    6 Billion Hours

    Video Watched/month

    100 Hours

    Video Uploaded/minute


    Look for Entertainment

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    Instagram Ads

    Boost Your Website Traffic

    We create Instagram ads that drives high volumes of quality site traffic.

    Increase In Website Conversions

    We create a perfect set-up of Instagram promotion campaigns that are highly optimized for conversions.

    Increase Your Brand Awareness

    Gain the most brand impressions for your business at lowest expenses by reaching millions of people for your business.

    Highly Relevant

    We show adverts to all the right people based on age, gender, location, interests and so much more.

    Highly Actionable

    Instagram adverts can send people directly to your website or app to drive sales and more.

    Naturally Social

    When people like your Page, their friends are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

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    Twitter Ads

    Twitter provides the perfect chance to you to capitalize on popular topics around the world & reach your users when they care the most. We can help you to meet your objectives on your Twitter campaigns.

    Promoted Tweets

    Users can interact with promotional tweets as they would with a normal tweet – this includes favoriting, replying and retweeting.

    Promoted accounts

    Promote your accounts that are suggested Twitter accounts that appear on someone’s Twitter account.

    Promoted Trends

    Promote trends are the most popular topics being talked about on Twitter in the present moment.


A Proven Approach to Paid Ad Profitability.

We will do a complete analysis of your website- SEO optimization to discover the best strategy that will give you the most profits in order to drive traffic to your website by getting SERP top page rankings in search engines for generic & brand keywords.
Research and
Know Your Business
Competitor Research
Setting Goals
Building and
Your Account
Building Keyword List
Creative Ad Copy
Custome Settings
Tracking and
Conversion Tracking
Analitycs Integration
Remarketing List
Launch and
Final Approval
Scheduled Optimization
Custome Reporting

Maximazing Quality Leads to
Higher Conversion Rate.

Research demonstrates that multiple times out of ten, web users will click a organic query over a paid one. This implies, if your site isn't positioning high up in organic searches, your product or service isn't getting the lead consideration it needs to succeed.

Our Experts

Mr. Nikhil Sharma

Founder Fabulous Media

Our team is spearheaded by Mr. Nikhil Sharma, The Digital Expert, who is a community Brand Ambassador of True-caller Mobile App, a Visiting Faculty of Internet Marketing at leading Business Schools and a Solutions Architect to many Startups as well as established Organisations for helping them pitch in Global Investment Meets.

Trusted PPC Agency

We had certified Since 2008 as Google partner and had published more than thousand advertisements through different social platforms.